Downtown Los Angeles

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The homeless are everywhere in downtown LA.  Morning noon or night the poor collapse wherever they are and simply fall to sleep in exhaustion.  Nothing awakens them.  They are free to sleep where they are as well.  No one bothers them or tells them to go somewhere else.  I am sure after telling these people for years to go somewhere else, reality has been accepted, there is no where else for these people to go.  The dark alleys fill with those that want to be alone and not bothered by anyone.  Those men  hide deep in the shadows away from my camera.  It is just as well, they could easily challenge me and their privacy is something they have a right to.  As if these people had any rights and it is hard to think that anything other than food or water could monopolize their thoughts.

At Pershing Park a security guard walked toward me when he saw my camera.  It was as if he was there to protect the homeless that had slept there.  He may have thought I was there to bother others who had just awakened.  I did not take photographs there.  I let everyone have a peaceful morning.  At least on Saturday a food truck comes and feeds them.  It only makes me wonder what they do for food the rest of the week.



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Almost twenty years ago a massive compound was build to be a self-sustaining eco-system.  This is the man-made created Rain Forest and it does quite well with very little human intervention.  Hot, humid, green with trees and plants, it is quite beautiful.  What science found was that the world created by men and women could not continue as a closed little entity with only a handful of people to enjoy the structure far removed from the world.  Reality stepped in and proved, we are all one world and we live together, not apart from each other.

In the Shadow of Wynn

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Walking down an alley between 2 ancient apartment buildings I came upon a different reality.  This looked like something out of a third world country and not an area located on Convention Center Drive. It was dark, dreary and appeared to be dangerous with the outdated electrical work.  Surprising Clark County even allowed people to live here because it was anything but safe.  Close to the rear entrances were new Cadillac’s along with a Range Rover.  Thought it best at that point not to take more photographs, so I walked away as quickly as I could.

Downtown Fitness

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Off Main street large bay doors opened to a fully equipped workout area.  Sure wern’t no Las Vegas Athletic Club or real nice resort spa and gym.  This place was hardcore.  Only the basic necessities to get one in shape, free weights and countless heavy punching bags.  This place is the real deal.  Painted uneven cement flooring and fluorescent lights above were tell-tale signs this place must have been a commercial garage in a previous life.  No sauna’s, jacuzzi’s or showers here.  This place could definitely get you in shape without all the frills.

Taking a Break

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This man was seeking refuge in a corner of a shopping area on LV Blvd. S.  He was as still as the plastic models in back and I am not even sure if he was aware of them being there at all.

Downtown Las Vegas

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This woman was walking downtown in front of the court house and the men she passed certainly liked what they saw and she definitely liked the way they were watching her and what they were saying!.


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My last photo of the day was of this woman by the side of the road  She was going car to car asking for money and I had none, but still asked if I could take her picture.  I took a few fast shots of her and she walked away.  When she came back by my car I asked her name because I was taking her picture for a class.  She told me Jamie and she had a British accent.  How she got to this country and ended begging in the streets of Las Vegas is beyond me.  I did feel sorry for her.

Bad Dude

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This man was in front of Planet Hollywood.  He saw me approaching the walkway with my camera so he put on his sunglasses.  Saw my shot, so I took his picture and he knew it and was not happy with me.   He said something under his breath about how he was aware I took his picture but I kept moving.  He was passing out tickets to men to go somewhere.  I was not afraid.